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Starting sites from scratch are for suckers…

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Time is money.

And that time has gotten even worse with the “not-so-obvious” clock that AI has put on informational SEO, so the time now needs to be spent working on a site rather than waiting for it to kick in.

So what I mean by that is Google assigns a “sandbox” to most sites where no matter what you do to it (outside of massive direct traffic) it will stumble out of the gate for about 4 to 6 months.

But the best way to get around this is to find a site or domain that already exists and has the trust of Google.

I mentioned this on twitter and got this response…

Aged domains and aged sites are cheat codes.

The issue is they work about 75% of the time. So there is a 25% to 30% chance that the site you buy is a dud.

But skipping the sandbox helps not waste 4 to 6 months of waiting for a site to “take”

If you can hit the ground running, investing in an aged domain can save you literally half a year in time.

Places I buy aged domains are from, Serp.Domains, and anything I find on Spamzilla.

There is a lot involved with the prices of these things, but a search on Spamzilla can get you a decent domain, especially in innocuous niches.

The biggest problem people have is the PRICE of aged domains and the uncertainty involved with them.

I won’t lie. They are risky. I heard of a colleague getting in a bidding war and buying a single domain (not a site, just the domain) for $18,000. It ended up working out for them as the site eventually sold for $1 million, but it’s still pretty risky.

So only invest what you can afford to lose and work to make it great.

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