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There is one monetzation method that most SEOs and bloggers are ignoring and it is costing you money.

This method generates nearly $40,000 worth of revenue for a site I’m working on.

In fact, it’s so good that affiliate and display ads are a bit of a waste of time (kinda)

For the record, display ads have been a waste of time for a while.

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What is this secret monetization method?

Lead generation (or lead gen).

Lead gen is the process of selling leads you get from your website to brands that need them.

Any business model needs leads or new customers. So why would any business turn down new leads?

In fact, if you find a business turning down leads, you are just a Google Search or LinkedIn search away from finding another one that will buy it.

So how do you get in a position to sell leads to a company?

Well, we will have to do something that SEOs and Bloggers don’t like doing. Actually jumping on the phone and connecting with the brands.

But remember, depending on your industry, it doesn’t always have to be MAJOR brands. You can connect with local brands.

I have seen plenty of examples of a food website promoting a local restaurant. You just have to make the offer.

You will also need to be creative with who you reach out to and how to get their RECURRING business.

The Rank and Rent model does amazingly well with this and it’s much easier to rank locally than to rank nationally.

In fact, if you have a site, doing local pages would be a good idea to get some of that local rank and rent and get some recurring income coming in for your business.

All in all, don’t sleep in lead gen. It works when you put the effort into it.

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