This is stupid...

like really?

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This is exactly why you cannot listen to Google and do everything they say.

A few days ago, I sent you the new Google standards for SEO, and it was a good read.

But there was one thing about it that is… well… STUPID.

let me show you...

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Do you see that garbage?

Don’t focus on good content, don’t focus on links or anything else…

Print a few posters and get a letterhead if you want to increase your SEO.

Now, I am not dense… I really know what this means. Google wants to help you get your “branded” searches up. Meaning people will search for your brand through Google.

But it doesn’t have to be done the way they suggest.

If you are a real business, you could simply ask your customers to go to your website when they need your service.

But if your site does not have a service it offers (like an affiliate site) then you will need to do something else.

There are these things called micro-jobs you can hire off Fiverr or BlackHatWorld. You can hire people for pennies on the dollar to perform tasks like getting you more direct traffic on Google.

You can spread the work out and do it over time so that you can get your branded searches as high as you want them.

It’s totally “black hat,” but Google doesn’t exist in the real world, so how would they know?

They are just banking on fly-by-night affiliate sites not going through the trouble of getting branded searches (even though it’s stupid easy to game).

Google want’s real businesses to create content online and branded searches is a big factor. This, again, leads to me leaning heavily on brand partnerships of businesses that already exist and bumming off their authority and EEAT.

I know a few of you have been following Jackie Chou on YouTube, but that is his “thing” that is partering with brands. In fact, I bought the contract he was selling a while ago (I don’t believe he sells it anymore, so if you need it, contact me, maybe we can work something out, maybe).

The moral of my long-winded rant here is to treat your website as a real business and do things that real businesses do.

Have multiple email addresses for departments, have a real business address, have social media where you actually post, and increase branded searches as much as possible (and by any means necessary). If you do those things you are 90% ahead of most sites that ignore EEAT altogether.

Hope this helps…

chris myles

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