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I was inspired to write about the state of SEO in 2024.

I wrote an email a week or so ago questioning SEO in general and got a lot of responses.

So, first of all, thanks for reading. It helps me see that my random musings in the world of SEO and marketing aren’t falling on deaf ears.

But this will be a more in-depth mind-dump.

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To be succinct, Google SEO is harder now that it has ever been before.

But at the same time, it has been easier.

I feel that SEO has become more of a game for the experienced.

Since the HCU plenty of people have dropped out of the game entirely, which is sad, but understandable.

I’ve never seen a trend like this before.

In the dozens and possibly hundreds of Google search updates I have endured, the HCU was unclear. To this day, I really don’t know what it affected. (and neither does anyone else).

Creating content and becoming an authority is now easier than it has ever been. It used to be a massive barrier.

But on the other hand, the bar for success keeps rising. You need more content, more links, and more resources, now to even have a shot at ranking.

And we haven’t even touched AI yet. It seems scary that Google Bard/Gemini will steal all of the traffic on our sites, but honestly, I don’t think it will be as bad as the pundits will make it seem.

Google still makes the majority of its money from ads in Google search. That will not change anytime soon (at least not in the last 3-5 years)

So now what to do….?

Sites from scratch (I believe) still work. But the cheat code is like I mentioned last week, Aged domains and aged sites.

Also partnerships with companies that have the real business as the forefront.

And the world of partnerships opens up even more with Post Bridge.

So is SEO still worth it?

YES! But you need to have the stomach for it. It’s still insanely powerful. A site I am working on right now generated $40,000+ last month and it’s only been “live” since December.

I’m not giving up on it anytime soon… and neither should you.

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