Did you see this trash?

I couldn't believe it

Trash belongs in the garbage and this was very SHOCKING to me

Why do we do SEO? Why do we blog?

If your answer is traffic, clicks, backlinks, or anything else… you are wrong.

and here is why…

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Check out this picture…

Do you see a problem there?

Out of 335 people… nearly 200 of them think that traffic growth is more important than revenue…

Uhhhh…. what? Did I miss something?

I want you to promise me, as you are doing SEO, whether it is for a company, for yourself, or you are freelancing…

Always remember the point of SEO is to improve a business’s bottom line. NO ONE CARES about vanity clicks.

This poll is very alarming and shows that as far as we are in SEO and other advancements, the reason SEO seems to be such a grubby industry is that people are working for the wrong things WHILE charging thousands of dollars per month to clients.

This needs to stop, and this deserves the whole industry to be reset… (oh, maybe that is what the HCU ACTUALLY did.)

So how can you avoid this trash thinking?

Stay revenue-focused.

  1. Do not just go after traffic just for the sake of going after traffic. Google has already said that they don’t want that and they consider it unhelpful.

  2. Have a product or service to promote FIRST.

  3. If the keyword that you are targeting does not bring in an audience that would be in the product you are trying to promote, skip it.

Hope this helps…

chris myles

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