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So let’s step outside of the SEO bandwagon for just a moment to focus on one thing that we all saw coming, but not this fast…

AI Video…

It’s scary good...

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OpenAI just revealed a new model called Sora that is creating some ultra-realistic.

If you thought written content was scary, you haven’t seen AI video.

One year ago, AI video was pretty trash. Enough to not worry about it taking over any time soon.

Well, “anytime soon” has arrived.

I want you to check out two things…

He’s been posting videos for the last few days that are freaking scary looking.

At this point, you can still see flaws that give it away as AI video. But my god, it’s darn close.

Where will this be in a year?

Marques adds some clarity to a few things that I think you will find both astounding and scary.

( have I said scary enough )

This update is short and sweet, but check out the resources I just dropped and let me know what you think by replying!

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