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At the end of the day, the only thing that matter is ranking your website and it’s high value pages higher and higher.

The higher you rank, the more money you make (if you monetize properly)

So, I wanted to drop you a few On-Page SEO tricks you can implement right now that should help your rankings.

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Meet the search intent

This is probably the most crucial of all the options…

Instead of just trusting a keyword tool for what keywords to write for, you MUST Google the phrase and see what is ranking already.

I recently had a page that had A/C in the title. But when I Googled the keyword, Air Condition was spelled out in all the SERPs except mine.

I made the change, and a few days later, the traffic DOUBLED on that page.

Make sure your content is what people are actually looking for and Google hides that information in plain site.

What does Google see as important?

Google your phrase and see what meta-description Google is nabbing from your site.

It is usually a direct answer to the question that you have “likely” buried in the content.

Grab the answer and put it front and center above-the-fold. This will help user satisfaction, and those that want to keep reading will keep reading.

Rewrite answer snippets

There is an acronym called SPO or subject-predicate-object.

Google is a computer and usually needs stuff spoonfed to it. So, when you are writing content, especially the direct answer to the question, make sure it is a very simple sentence.

Avoid flowery language just to look and sound smart.

For example, a user searches “What color is an elephant?”


“The large and monstrous being stomped on the ground and made me shudder and as I looked up, I realized his skin was darkish gray with ripples”


“Typically, an elephant is gray”

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t tell a story in your content and get real creative. But for the answer snippet specifically above the fold, answer the question quicking, decisively, succinctly, and any other quick word you can think of.

Internally link

The lost art of internal links.

For your money pages on your site (that would be pages that make your site its revenue, like round-ups and reviews), support those pages with links from other pages on your site.

You support them by linking to them from pages on your site.

Use ChatGPT and Google search console to come up with relevant anchor text for the money pages and link to them.

Showing Google how important those pages are on your site AND using descriptive anchors, you tell Google what it needs to know about pages on your site which will help it to serve it up to people looking for it. Win-WIn.

What did you think? did you like those?

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