My New $92/hr side hustle

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Well I don’t know if you saw this… but Matt Diggity is suspending sales to his course, the Affiliate Lab.

This means he isn’t (fully) promoting it or even running Facebook ads for it anymore.

Yikes… read more about it here. But this is proving something that I felt months ago.

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If you were lucky enough to miss the altercation that was Ricky Kesler vs. Jamie IF on X last week, the whole issue they were having was that Income School is seemingly still promoting their course teaching a Blogging model that no longer works.

Trust me, I feel that pinch, too.

I had a course called Blog Builder Pro that sold remarkably well and even helped a handful of people go full-time with their blogs.

But today, post-HCU, the business model needs some work. Some may even call it dead.

SEO as a whole isn’t dead, but you need a large website or a large budget in order to succeed. And even if you did have some success and was able to survive (or even thrive) after the latest round of Google updates, there is no telling when that can be taken from you either.

I know living in fear like that is not a great way to live… but it seem to happen more often with content websites than it does for any other industry when they inevitably have resets.

So, like most, I have done something similar to Diggity and I do not even promote starting a blog anymore… unless you are using a traffic source other than Google… like… YOUTUBE!

So, I’ve been on YouTube since 2016 and it’s been a wild ride. I owe a large part of my success to what YOuTube has done for me over the years.

But I got away from it and started running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

That worked out well too, but it’s time for a long awaited return.

And I started a new “case study” channel where I’m not sharing it with anyone because I don’t want the audience to muddy it up and it’s working remarkably well.

On another one of my channels, I am using a new strategy to blow these videos up faster and it’s working well also. Check out this screenshot…


This channel has pretty much been left for dead… but it responds when you have a good topic and good retention.

It took me about 6 hours to make this video and so far it’s generated $557 and still running. That is about $92/hour and climbing…

Also, 777 new subscribers.

I take that as a win.

So I may be turning into the YouTube/Newsletter guy…. and I like it.

They are working and I don’t see it stopping from working any time soon… even with AI creeping it’s ugly head around the corner.

Chat soon,
Chris Myles

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