I'm giving up... again

Announcing a new direction

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Yeah, you read that right. I’m giving up

When I first started building a personal brand online, it was all blogging.

Then YouTube jumped in the mix and was RIDICULOUS with the amount of revenue that was generated from a relatively small channel. (There were some days I was making $500 a day just on YouTube ads.)

But then I hit this weird spot in my life where I felt like I needed to accomplish something else.

I started contemplating if I wanted to make YouTube videos for the rest of my life, so I decided to pivot.

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I decided to pivot away from the video.

It worked out OK, but not as well as YouTube had.

I explored ways to generate leads and revenue from sources like Twitter and Instagram.

I did OK with Instagram, but I am not the “showy” type. So, I got tired of making daily reels and posting constantly.

I learned how to run paid ads effectively on Instagram and did well with it, but running paid ads is a headache that never stops.

I much rather free leads… so that is when I made a crazy decision…

I ditched YouTube almost completely for 9 months and concentrated on doing stuff like Twitter.

I can tell you the results were not great.

I know Twitter works.

I’ve seen Twitter work.

But it was not working for me.

I wanted more leads faster without throwing paid ads at it.

But then, something interesting happened.

A “throw-away” YouTube channel that I was barely posting on had a video go viral for over 120,000 views.

The channel got monetized and now brings in a few hundred bucks a month in just ads (not including the affiliate revenue).

So that made me refocus…

I have a “larger” YouTube channel that I am rebooting at the moment. That will be my side hustle focus. (All thanks to this nifty course that re-ignited my love for the platform. Use Code: 100OFF and thank me later)

The type of content on there is probably not the type that you would be interested in, but I am leaning in on the audience that is already there.

If you are interested, you can subscribe and join the new newsletter here: benjisdad.com.

Regardless, I’m officially giving up on Twitter.

I’ve been posting consistently since June, and I’ve gained about 1,000 subscribers, mainly from about 3 posts that happened to catch a wave.

Honestly, I am just much better at SEO and YouTube. So that is where my focus will be from now on.

Does that mean you should give up your side hustle?


Because I am not giving up fully on Twitter. It just won’t be my main focus. I’ve sold 2 niche sites on Twitter and made some awesome connections.

But also, I tried it and didn’t like the growth trajectory.

Looking back, I should probably go after a bigger audience than just SEO and get more general Marketing focused. But oh well, the decision has been made.

So before you give up on your side hustle… ask yourself…

“Did I give it a legit try?”

If the answer is no, then keep plugging along and test, test, test.

Not every platform is for everybody.

Some people are amazing on TikTok… I was not

Some people are great at IG… I was OK.

Some people do amazing at LinkedIn… I have yet to try it.

Some people are amazing at (insert Social Network here)… and you will know when you try.

So what are you “trying” right now? and how’s it going?

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