How to go Viral On YouTube

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Sitting here drinking coffee out of my French press (because drip coffee is terrible), I open up my YouTube app and notice that I have a video surging in Browse.

Here is a pic…


Mind you, this is on a channel that only averages a couple hundred views a video. So why did this video (and others) break out?

I found something really cool that I want to share with you.

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We all want to make viral videos and the best way to do that is with GOOD viral video ideas… but how do you find them?

When searching for video ideas, most guru’s teach you to find channels in your niche, look at their videos, arrange them by most popular, and “Steal Like An Artist” 

But the problem is that you have to “know” those other channels exist, and if YouTube doesn’t suggest them to you, you are always “on the lookout” for new channels to bum ideas off of.

That is not very efficient.

Another problem that exists is if you are looking at channels in your space that has already created that content and you copy “Steal Like an Artist”, that content already exist in the YouTube-spere.

So I found a cool way around this…

Find channels OUTSIDE of your niche that would most likely share an audience with YOUR target audience and take ideas from there.

For example, if you have a golfing channel, instead of looking at other golf channels for ideas, “niche up” to general sports, or another outdoor sport.

Find those channels and look for unique ideas there to BRING to the golfing niche.

This effectively creates a “blue ocean” in your space with unique content.

On Youtube, “Unique is better than better” Meaning, that being unique is more important than copying.

But this still takes a STUPID amount of time to do this effectively.

But now there is an easier way… it’s called 1of10. (cute name, huh?)

How 1of10 works is you can look for viral videos on the whole YouTube platform sorted by niche.

I find myself using this tool every day to bring video ideas to my niche channels.

Give it a try and let me know what you think and you will start getting a ton of 1 out of 10 videos on your channel.

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Chris Myles

PS. This even works on BRAND new channels, like the one I’m testing now. This is an referral link! So if you do give it a try, it would help support me and the newsletter!

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