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I’m missing $6,000, but I think I found it

When I first got started with blogging and marketing, I hit the motherload with some high-paying affiliate programs.

One program was paying as high as $6,000 per sale.

And I used to get those $6,000 paydays routinely.

I remember one-time living it up in Las Vegas at 10pm at night just to receive an email that I had earned $7,500 in one transaction.

Not a bad day of work when I had literally done nothing that whole day but eat, drink, and dance.

But then something happened that changed the way I was looking at business…

I got complacent, I got overconfident, I got comfortable.

All of the viral videos I was making started not to go so viral. The blog posts I was posting weren’t catching traction as fast as they used to.

At one point, everything I was touching turned into a pile of money.

Then it stopped.

Everything I touched turned to … “you know what”

In case you were wondering, the biggest affiliate payout in the world makes no difference if you have no one to see the offer.

What did I do to fix this?

I had to change my mindset and pivot.

And I know what you are thinking, “Did Chris go all, ‘mindset’ on me?”

I wish I could tell you that mindset doesn’t matter, but when my killer instinct died, and my mindset changed… so did my business.

My main “why” was my wife and son. My wife wanted to stay home so she could take care of our son full-time, and I reached my goal. She quit her job in 2017 and I quit mine in 2018.

But once my son made it to the first grade, I had reached my goal. My wife was able to stay home with him during his most crucial years.

Thus, I needed another battle to fight. Another goal to reach that had to be deeper than money.

That “why” was to continue being available for my family. Not stuck at a soul-sucking 9-5 till the day I die with the hopes of retiring with enough money and health to enjoy it.

I wanted to control the narrative.

So I pivoted. Instead of depending JUST on Google SEO, I started being interested in learning YouTube, email, sales, and even more marketing.

So on top of the SEO that I will continue to do, I also started concentrating on email and that is where I am now.

Doing all I can to build up websites and send traffic to them not just by SEO or YouTube traffic, but by turning traffic I don't own (traffic to my social profiles) to traffic I do own (my sales and email lists).

Making the shift to building my email list is what got me my $6,000 back and you should work toward it, too.

Are you building an email list?

I have been using Active Campaign, ConvertKit, and now Beehiiv to build up my list, and I am settling on Beehiiv.

Beehiiv is ‘lit’… (as my son would say) and you should give it a try (considering it’s no cost up to 2,500 subscribers).

You must do everything you can to build up your list. It is the only thing you really own.

If you’d be interested in training on how to build up your email list, just let me know.

I have a training within my private mastermind you can check out, but I am looking to update it if people are interested.

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