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What if I told you that you are losing revenue because you are ignoring something fairly simple?

That “something” simple? Simple tracking.

There is an age-old saying that if you are not tracking, you are not trying.

This is more true today than ever when it comes to not satisfying a search engine but actually satisfying the PEOPLE that land on our websites.

So, I found a pretty awesome need in the haystack that not too many people talk about.

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I admit, I didn’t know about this FREE tool until a couple of months ago, but since I started using it, I now use it every day.

It’s called Microsoft Clarity.

It’s a free heatmap and screen recording app offered by, you guessed it, Microsoft.

Simply connect your site to Bing Search Console (yes, they have one, too) and once connected turn on Clarity. There is one line of code you need to add to your header which takes all of 12 seconds to complete.

And that’s it.

Now you will start getting heatmaps. Heatmaps are where the users on your site are clicking on your page, where their mouse is, and in some instances, where the users are looking.

That information is helpful because once an article is live on your blog, you should be going back to it to update and improve the “user experience” (or UX).

But most of the time, we are just guessing and looking at how Google responds and how revenue responds. But with Clarity heatmaps, we know exactly what is going on on our page.

Same for the screen recordings.

Now I am not sure of the wizardry that Microsoft is using to record sessions, but they look great and gives me a look into the frenetic patters users have when they are on my website.

The recordings are a little annoying because you are basically watching someone read. But there is a checkbox you can click within the Clarity player that lets you skip “idle” periods.

I am now using this information to properly place monetization elements on my pages and improve CTR to affiliates and other pages on my sites.

This is a form of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization. Where we are looking to make more conversions with the same amount of traffic.

So go at it and use this new tool. It’s simple to set up and give a few hours to start nabbing you some data so you can spy…err… help the users land on your website!

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