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You and I email each other because we have a love of our families and love for marketing in common.

And making money, because who doesn’t?

So, in case no one has told you this yet this week, you’re a good human being, and your work is not in vain.

And in this case, you need help remembering everything about this new thing I’m tackling called YouTube, here’s the one tip I wanna share today:

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OK, here is the tip…

The first negative comment you get in your marketing, whether it’s from YouTube or your website, means you made it.

Now, I will spare you some of the REALLY negative comments I get on YouTube, but here is one where it’s just better to play along with it rather than letting them know you were bothered.


Now, I’m not sure what part of the world this person was in, but it doesn’t matter. Some former students of mine would have taken this comment and intentionally talked SLOWER in every new video.

But I don’t think I need to do that. I agree; sometimes I rush my words, but that isn’t new to me.

But noticed How I just played into it and moved on. Therefore, deescalating the situation.

But then, something cool happened…


Notice how I didn’t have to do a thing, and the other channel viewers came to defend me.

That is 3 different people saying that my speaking speed was fine.

Now, I’m only human. I will keep this in mind, but I will not drastically change the way I make videos… There is no point with only one person out of 17,000 who viewed the video having a problem.

Hit REPLY and let me know if you agree or disagree. A simple ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ will do. (I’d really like to know. But if you think I’m not taking it seriously enough, I may look into it deeper, so go easy on me, haha.)

Awaiting your reply…

Chat soon,
Chris Myles

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