Careful, it's a scam

allow me to explain

With the total annihilation that Google doled out in the “not-so” Helpful Content Update, there has been a scramble among SEOs and bloggers as to what to do next.

Some are jumping onto Pinterest and Facebook pages with MASSIVE results, and others have given up altogether.

But there is a traffic source that is also Google-based that I believe is a complete waste of time (and goes against what some big SEOs are saying)

Regardless, here is a new tool to help you with your SEO and that is WOPE. It’s a keyword tracker but on steroids.

But now, a word from our sponsor…

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Check out this picture…

google discover

That is a picture of the Google Discover traffic I have going to a site.

The numbers are wild… 31,000+ clicks in about 3 days. The traffic has since died, but now I can step back and see what the heck is going on.

And outside of display ads, that huge amount of people generated approx. $100.

31,000 people and only $100.

If case you can’t tell, that is terrible.

And this isn’t the first time. We got a windfall of traffic from Google Discover on a couple of other articles about a month ago, and it's the same thing… tons of eyeballs but zero dollars.

I don’t know about you, but I am there for the money and not just for fun.

So what does this tell me?

Well, your mileage may vary. However, I firmly believe SEO is still the best source of traffic for your site.

You get MUCH bigger bucks from that traffic source. Even with fewer visitors, you can make more by utilizing affiliate marketing and lead generation.

For the record, I have never been a huge proponent of focusing on anything else other than Google Search and YouTube, but it is time to start looking at other sources to diversify traffic.

But even then… I am here to declare Google Discover as a waste of time to attack on its own.

It’s just too sporadic and unpredictable. I know some people like Tony Hill live by it, and that is great for them… but I simply cannot and will not spend more than 5 minutes “optimizing” a post for Discover.

For me, it’s just not worth it.

chris myles

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