I bought a newsletter

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There is one thing to talk about newsletters being the next big thing…

But it’s another to put your money where your mouth is…

I just acquired a newsletter that has approx 40k subscribers that I will be rolling into my side hustle newsletter, Your Extra Paycheck.

This is how I got it…

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One cool thing about marketing is networking.

Something that I did not do early on when I first started because of just being scared.

After a while and I was more established and could confidently walk around telling people I quit my day job for a side hustle, I did better with networking.

I ended up being friends with a guy named Sam (I changed the name to protect the innocent, lol)

But he was a blogger for longer than I was, but the first few round of Google updates that hit 3 or 4 years ago was enough for him and he took his SEO skills and got a snazzy leadership role at a major website.

Anyway, because of the change, he let his site and YouTube channel sit for a while without doing much with it.

So, when I found out he had this massive list that was just sitting there doing nothing, I decided to pitch and form a partnership.

I mean, the quickest way to make money is to promote yourself to other people’s audiences.

My newer side hustle newsletter, which has just under 1,000 subscribers that I started only 45 days ago, is about to get a massive facelift.

Here is what I’m doing to migrate the new list over:

  1. Found an awesome LTD on Appsumo for Email Verification

  2. Scrubbed the list since Sam hasn’t email them in a while.

  3. Setup a 7 email sequence that will run over the coming week slowly transitioning me as the new owner.

  4. I will send a welcome email with a freebie to try to get on their good graces early on with nothing but value.

That is essentially the playbook and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyways, I’m super excited about this and if you have any questions about what I’m doing, let me know!

Chat soon,
Chris Myles

PS. Shawna Newman is doing some really cool things with Local Newsletters getting leads off of FB. You should check out her Twitter/X.

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