Biggest mistake SEOs are making

and how to avoid it.

Building authority is not what you think.

The biggest mistake I am seeing bloggers today make is buying backlinks…

But here is the trick, it’s not just buying backlinks, it’s buying the wrong backlinks.

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So buying backlinks is still a thing.

And even now more than ever, building a site’s authority is pretty essential if you want to, at least somewhat, stave off another algo demolition.

But here is the issue…

Your “income schoolers” still live by the idea that you do not need backlinks to win at blogging. That is the exception and not the rule.

But when a “normie” SEO hears that you should buy backlinks, their first thought is to hit up Fiverr and just pay $5 for 10,000 links to their site.

And what makes it worse is they then show off their domain rating in Ahrefs proving they “did something”

They didn’t do anything buy create a toxic profile.

Toxic links are largely ignored by Google. So if you are paying for the crappy backlinks you may find on Fiverr or some random person that spam emailed you, then you are paying for something that is not helping at all.

Waste of time and waste of money.

So how do you find good backlinks?

I find backlinks a few ways…

Good old-fashioned industry outreach.

This means creating relationships with other sites in your niche or shoulder niches (meaning not exactly your website topic… i.g. if you have a bowling website, getting links from a dating site etc….)

Exchanging links with similar sites

A lot of SEO guru’s will tell you not to do this, but it’s ok to exchange links. But before you go hog-wild, it’s OK to a certain extent.

As long as you don’t go overboard, go for link exchanges.

Finally, websites like WhitePress and No BS Marketplace

These sites help you to buy backlinks from sites that are selling them. But the best part about this method is you can vet the sites you are buying a link from. This means that you can check out their sites within Ahrefs to make sure they are not a link farm, discounting the link.

So those are the main places I get links from, especially the last marketplaces. It’s clean, fast, and works well.

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